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US Pro Cycling Challenge: Oxygen

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The journey through Colorado is notable in bike racing for one big reason: Altitude. Never before has a professionally sanctioned race gone to elevations above 12,000ft. On stage #2, riders will surpass 12,000ft on two occasions. Cottonwood Pass is 12,126ft and Independence Pass is 12,095ft. At 12,000ft, riders will have 36% less oxygen than at [...]

US Pro Cycling Challenge: Lightning

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As I wrote in yesterday’s post, the biggest weather concern for the US Pro Cycling Challenge will be midday and afternoon thunderstorms. Here’s a quick update to the forecast, and below are a few lightning safety tips so that you don’t get zapped while watching the race. Monday and Tuesday have lower chances of storms. [...]

US Pro Cycling Challenge: How wx affects cycling races

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The US Pro Cycling Challenge is coming up in just a few days, and what seemed like a distant vision just a few months ago is now creating buzz across Colorado and the cycling community. This is a big race not just because it will have full TV coverage on Versus and NBC, but because [...]